Upington Education | Hoërskool Duineveld

Hoërskool Duineveld

Ons is 'n prestige skool in die Noord-Kaap wat aan elke leerder die
Upington Lifestyle | Upington Landbou Expo

Upington Landbou Expo

The Upington Landbou Expo in 2015 will present over a hundred
Upington Education | Hoërskool Upington

Hoërskool Upington

Hoërskool Upington se geskiedenis vertel die inspirerende verhaal van

Marais Orthotists

As qualified medical orthotists & prosthetists, we treat people
Upington Lifestyle | Lake Grappa Guest Farm & Ski School

Lake Grappa Guest Farm & Ski School

Discover this little piece of unspoiled heaven for total body, mind
Lifestyle | Sport & Fitness | Upington Gholfklub

Upington Gholfklub

Volledige 18-putjie grasbaan! Sien ons webtuiste vir
Upington Education | Laerskool Oranje-Noord

Laerskool Oranje-Noord

Welkom by die skool vir: Gelukkige kinders Gelukkige ouers

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Springbok Lifestyle

Springbok entertainment uses at a town center are critical for establishing the development as a must-visit destination. Entertainment options can include a movie theater, game arcade, fine and casual dining, special events, a fitness center, a comedy club or local theater troupe, nightclubs/live music venues, miniature golf or other outdoor family gaming, and other entertainment alternatives.

We can help you identify a mix of entertainment alternatives to maximize the destination nature of your center. The entertainment components not only affect the ability to develop residential, but also the demand for lodging within the development.
Life in Springbok is a lesson in the art of leisure. Residents from Springbok are known for having an appetite for the good life, and expats will find it difficult to resist the Springbok indulgent pursuits for long.

A naturalist’s playground with a cosmopolitan heartbeat, Springbok offers a lifestyle that balances an emphasis on the great outdoors with an appreciation for arts, culture and entertainment.

Even if food, wine and sun aren’t one’s idea of an ideal lifestyle, Springbok niche boutiques and malls can be perfect for those that would rather wander shopping aisles than nature trails.

What to Do & See

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